Body Experience Services 
Dead Sea salt glow
This service utilizes genuine Dead Sea salts and virgin olive oil to stimulate the skin. Then, warm water melts the divine nutrients into the skin, leaving the skin warm, glowing, and remineralized.
Ancient Myrrh linen enclosure
Linens brought from Egypt make this experience unique and memorable. During a Dead Sea salt glow treatment, precious myrrh and sandalwood are massaged into your skin. You are encased in the linens and warmed from below, as the heat allows the oils to be absorbed. Expect your skin to glow with moisture and your mind to be at peace. This euphoric treat is perfect prior to a massage.
Citrus and Cypress treatment
Dry brushes are utilized to awaken your skin, and then an effective synergy of essential oils are massaged into your skin. You are encased in warm blankets to encourage saturation, as you recline peacefully in a candle-lit sanctuary. The oils are designed to cause internal stimulation and reduce water retention. Perfect before an event or after a body massage.

There are some contraindications to services that utilize essential oils, please consult your service provider.

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