Professional Nail Spa 
Signature Pedicure
A true spa service, our pedicure is touch focused. Enjoy soaking in our luxurious copper bowls, made of an alloy synergy that does not allow bacteria growth and assists in circulation. Your experience begins with a warm stone massage, continues with exciting sensory stimulants including essential oils, and ends with beautifully painted and pampered feet. Can be done 'al fresco', weather permitting.
Signature Manicure
Each manicure is performed with attention to your personal needs. Soak in our fingertip bowls, as you linger over your color choice. Enjoy the scents, the massage, and the great care your technician takes in providing this elegant service. Also available on our balcony, weather permitting.
Moisturizing Therapies
Add our unique soy and Shea based moisturizing therapies to either manicure or pedicure. Enjoy the warming melt that softens skin and relieves joint and muscle pain. Each state of the art treatment is used only on you and is biodegradable and disposable.
Gel Add-On
We offer gel polish as well as traditional polish. Gel polish holds shine and color longer, with no chipping, peeling, or cracking.

Please allow 48 hours notice for any cancellation. If you do not see an appointment or need assistance on our online booking or at the salon, please feel free to leave your designer or spa technician a message.

Someone will get back to you within 2 business days. Or, for immediate assistance, call 815-468-1500.